Archive Retrieval and Research:

We are able to offer a service of research on your behalf into biographical, local or family history research. We specialise in the Seventeenth Century, however we are also able to carry out investigations into other periods. We are in reasonable proximity to the resources of the National Library of Wales, however we are able to deal with other UK archives as required.

Search Fees

We charge no fee for an initial investigation into possible lines of enquiry. and will report to you on the amount of information initially available.

Subsequent searches will be untaken by ourselves or by independant agents, normally at a rate of 40.00 per hour, payable in advance. We will also need to pass on to you any costs for copying etc depending on the rates charged by the Library/Records Office holding the originals.

If you wish us to undertake research on your behalf then we would be grateful if you would put your specific requirements in writing, whereupon we will reply to you with an estimate of the Costs likely to be involved.

We look forward to being of assistance to you

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